GPH Founder

founderThe Gospel Prayer Hall Church was founded and established by Pastor K.R. Paul and Mrs. Lydia Paul on 21 September, 1953.

There were only seven believers at the time of commencement. No church building was available of their own, so the worship service’s were conducted in a believers house. The bible studies conducted in the streets and the tarrying meeting was conducted on the golf grounds.

Both Pastor and Mrs. Paul had to pass through perilous days and persecutions with starvation and hunger. Despite these trials, they were rigid in faith with a great zeal for God. Leaving no stone unturned, they laboured hard and ministered for the Lord in and around Bangalore City by conducting open air meetings, visiting believers and ministering to new souls.

Pastor Paul was a man devoted to proving that Jesus is the only true God to attain eternal salvation, as He is the Way, the Truth and Life. God worked with Pastor Paul, confirming His word with signs and wonders. Many sick persons were healed by the Lord through them. Many demon possessed persons were delivered and many people’s problems were solved through their counsel.

Our Dear Lord saved many souls time after time as the new believers were baptized in water and added to the church.

With the number of believers growing larger in attendance, this led to a lack of space in the home meeting. It was evident a permanent church site was needed. The Pastor and church prayed earnestly for a church building along with fasting by Mrs. Paul. The Lord who is Faithful, answered these prayers and opened the door to build the church in the city of Bangalore. The church building was consecrated unto the Lord in April, 1963.

founder_sonAfter some years of ministry, Pastor Paul following his wife Lydia, entered into eternity.

The mantle of this ministry was now imparted unto their only Son, Pastor T. Daniel Paul as he answered the call into full time ministry.The Lord has been blessing this Pastor and church to such an extent, that extra services were added to accommodate those in attendance and yet believers are in overflow unto the church courtyard outside.

The number of believers is being multiplied under Pastor Daniel combined with a church body with a heart for evangelism.

The attending seven believers, nearly 50 years ago, could not have imagined a church of the strength as it stands today. All the Praise, Honour and Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.